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5 Causes of Wrist Pain

25 / 02 / 21

The wrist is an important part of the body as it allows us to move our hands freely and lift heavy objects. The wrist is also quite fragile and it’s easy to accidentally cause wrist pain.



Arthritis is a condition a large portion of people suffer with around the world and this could be due to a number of things – the first reason is genetics. If people across your family have all suffered with arthritis, then unfortunately there is a chance that you could have the condition when you’re older, however, it’s not 100% guaranteed. 

There are many kinds of arthritis people develop in the wrist, and not all are severe. The less severe arthritis is quite manageable, however, if it’s extreme then you will be in some discomfort and pain. There isn’t a cure for this condition, but there are treatments you can have that will help treat it. 

If you do suffer from arthritis you will feel a lot of pain in the wrist and this can potentially disrupt your daily routine. By causing disruptions in your routine this will start to affect your emotions every day which is only natural, but it’s important that you receive all the help and support you need. 

No one should suffer with arthritis in silence as it can cause more damage than you would know. So, as soon as you see the early signs of arthritis be sure to get in contact with the doctor so they can provide you with the best treatment!

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Repetitive motion 

Continuously over using the wrist in a certain motion will guarantee you an injury if you’re not careful. A big factor in why wrist pain is developed is because we ignore the early signs of pain and carry on doing the activity that’s causing pain. If you keep your wrist in the same position constantly then this will cause minor issues to begin with, but gradually the pain will worsen.

To prevent obtaining this wrist injury to begin with, we strongly advise you to move your wrist as much as possible so that no strain will be on it. The less strain the better, as this will mean you can still do the activity you’re doing – just be aware that problems will start to appear if you keep the wrist in the same position!


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

With any wrist condition, it is always important to take care of your wrist because we all rely on our wrists everyday. Spotting the early signs of wrist pain is essential to receiving the best care possible, especially if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when there is added pressure on the nerves passing through the carpal tunnel. This will lead to constant pins and needle sensations in the hand, and in more severe cases,  the numbness will lead to muscle wasting in the hand – making the hand weaker.

If you ever feel like you may have this condition, then do not make it worse by placing more pressure on your wrist. Make sure you speak to your doctor about what you should do next, there will be treatments available to you but listen to the advice your doctor gives.


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Physical impacts

Keeping your wrist in the same position isn’t the only cause of wrist pain. Arguably one of the main causes of wrist pain is physical impact as this means a strong force has done damage to your wrist. If you fall over and land awkwardly on your wrist, then you will be in serious discomfort. There could be a chance that you have a sprain or in worse cases – a fracture. 

This isn’t the only physical impact that can cause you wrist pain either. If you’re lifting heavy objects this could cause a huge amount of strain on the wrist, and when the wrist has given up to the strain, then an injury is almost guaranteed. We advise it never gets to this situation to begin with!

If you’re carrying numerous heavy objects then be sure that you take breaks constantly and not just for your health – but for your wrists too! The wrist is fragile and if you have weak wrists then you’re most likely to have an injury from heavy lifting. If the heavy impact doesn’t affect the bones, then it can harm the nerves and cause tissue damage. This occurs in the most extreme conditions, however, it’s crucial to be aware of the worst cases so that you will remain cautious.

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Ganglion cyst

A ganglion cyst is fluid-filled swelling that can develop on the joint or tendon. It can range in size but study shows the more bigger the cyst, the more painful it can be. Overall they can be harmless but we advise to take precaution and make an appointment with your doctor immediately, so they can provide you with the best treatment you need.

There are two treatments available if you have a ganglion cyst, however, this is only recommended if you’re in serious pain or it’s affecting the range of movement in the joint. If you have the cyst on your wrist, it may cause some discomfort with everyday activities, so it’s important you do not do something that will aggravate it.

Furthermore, If the condition is very extreme and the treatment isn’t working as well as you hoped, then surgery is an option that would be available for you. There are two ways surgery can be used to remove the ganglion cyst, firstly, a surgeon will make a medium sized cut over the area where the affected joint or tendon is – this is called open surgery.

The second option is arthroscopic surgery, and during this procedure a type of keyhole surgery where smaller cuts are made and a tiny camera is used by the surgeon to look inside the joint and remove the cyst. Surgery is always the last option with this condition, so don’t request to have it unless your doctor advises you too.


We hope you enjoyed reading about the 5 causes of wrist pain. Let us know what you thought of our blog and if you think you may have one of these conditions, then get in contact with us today!


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