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Doctor checking patients hand

Finger Arthritis: Causes, symptoms & treatment

scaphoid fracture x ray

What happens if a scaphoid fracture is left untreated?

senior people walking

How to improve your physical health in 2023

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Get to know your hand & wrist surgeon, Ladan Hajipour

elderly lady with a hand fracture

Hand fracture treatments: Your options explained

gout in hands and fingers, Ladan Hajipour

Can you get gout in your hand and wrist?

surgeons during hand & wrist surgery

What you need to know before hand or wrist surgery

elderly man suffering with thumb arthritis

How to ease arthritis in thumb joint


Top tips for avoiding hand and wrist injuries this winter

mental health

How an injured hand/wrist can affect mental health

Rugby ball common rugby injuries

The most common hand & wrist injuries in rugby and how to avoid them

person using controller avoiding carpal tunnel

Tips for gamers to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome

Summer berries, strawberries and blackberries

Joint Pain in the Summer: How Food Can Help

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Common Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

team holding hands

How to Strengthen Your Hands & Wrists

Elderly person drawing with crayons

Hobbies & Activities for Arthritis

Woman holding her wrist

Common Summer Hand & Wrist Injuries

Person holding their wrist

5 Causes of Wrist Pain

A close up of a couple holding each others finger

Dupuytren’s Disease: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment


Charities to Donate to This Christmas

type writer

Writer’s Cramp

Woman rolling pastry

Common Hand and Wrist Injuries Caused in the Kitchen


Sepsis Awareness Month

Two men fishing

5 Common Injuries Found in Fishermen and How to Avoid Them

Woman using weights

5 Tips on How to Avoid Hand and Wrist Injuries in the Gym

two people helping each other up

The 2 Activities Causing Injuries During Lockdown

3 Common Hand and Wrist Injuries in Children and How to Avoid Them

A person planting flowers in the garden

How to prepare yourself for garden month – avoiding injuries for hobbyists and professionals

the covid19 virus

How Private Businesses Are Battling Coronavirus

Our Top 5 Tips To Help New Musicians Avoid Repetitive Strain Injuries

Find out more about Kienbocks disease with Ladan Hajipour

Kienböck’s Disease: What are the Symptoms, Causes and Treatments?

Man in red shirt strains carrying heavy golf bag

Avoid golf injuries by applying these simple changes to your game

golf player

Common golf injuries in the hand and wrist and how to prevent them

typing rsi

Preventing RSI in the Fingers

rsi in the wrist

The Most Common Hand and Wrist Injuries & Conditions

What happens after surgery?

University Hospital of South Manchester Wythenshawe Hospital

How we helped Michael | Wythenshawe Hospital Patient Review


Does smoking affect bone healing?

Get it right first time

baguley sanatorium ward

The history of Wythenshawe Hospital


Wrist Fusion Surgery: Everything You Need To Know

broken thumb wrapped

Broken Finger: Treatment and Recovery

Ganglion Cyst on the wrist

Ganglion Cyst: Everything You Need To Know (FAQ)

scar on a wrist

How To Treat Undesirable Scars

broken wrist in a cast

Broken Wrist? What Happens Now

osteoarthritis difficulties

Osteoarthritis of the Hand: Symptoms & Remedies

Preparing for your Child’s Hand or Wrist Surgery

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Gym Pain? Protecting the Hands and Wrists

wrist in pain and requiring scaphoid bone treatment

Wrist Arthritis: Educational Guide

carpal tunnel test

Carpal Tunnel Revisited: FAQ

woman suffering with dupuytrens disease

Dupuytren’s Disease of the Hand – FAQ

Finger joint replacement surgery

Wrist Arthritis: 11 Telling Signs

TFCC tear

Everything you need to know about your hand surgery procedure

wrist fracture treatment

IBRA Seminar and workshop – Vienna

Rheumatoid finger arthritis

How to deal with hand and wrist pain caused by arthritis – exercises suggested by experts

wrist in pain and requiring scaphoid bone treatment

Common hand & wrist conditions caused by sports injuries

Hand & Wrist Surgery in Manchester

MD 2016

Anthrex Cadaveric training

Elbow, cubital tunnel syndrome

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: What is it & is there a cure?

Ladan Hajipour Hand & Wrist Surgery Manchester carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: What it is, how it’s caused & how it can be dealt with

Surgeon comforting patient before operation

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