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What to look for when choosing a wrist and hand surgeon

13 / 12 / 23

We use our hands for many reasons, whether it’s texting, driving, or intricate tasks such as applying makeup or sewing up a hole in your shirt. Our hands are so crucial to our everyday lives that it is vital to take care of them. Consulting a professional’s expert help and advice is a must if you are struggling with any hand or wrist injury. 

In this blog, we will discuss some key attributes to remember when searching for a hand and wrist surgeon, and how Ladan Hajipour is the ideal solution for the most effective treatment. 


Certifications and Qualifications

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a hand and wrist surgeon is to look at their qualifications. Are they qualified to practise surgery, with up-to-date certificates, proving their knowledge and expertise? Certain certificates and qualifications show that training has been completed in the hand and wrist surgery field, verifying their competencies to not only perform surgery but also give out health and wellbeing advice and treatments. 

Some qualifications and certificates to look out for include:

Ladan Hajipour is a recognised member of the BSSH, graduating from the University of Dundee, and completing her MD (Doctor of Medicine) based on hand flexor tendon treatment. 

Specialised in Hand Surgery

Choosing a surgeon specialising in hand and wrist procedures can be more beneficial due to their expertise in their sole field of practice. A surgeon specialising in hand and wrist injuries is more likely to stay up to date on the latest advancements within their area of practice, ensuring you are receiving the very best care and treatment for your specific condition. 

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Ladan Hajipour has been working within the hand and wrist field for over 10 years, since completing her fellowship in the renowned Pulvertaft Hand Unit in Derby. She runs practices at three locations across Manchester and Cheshire thanks to her many years of expertise, and can be found at the OrthTeam Centre at the Spire Manchester, the Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle, and at the NHS University Hospital of South Manchester in Wythenshawe.

Experience and Track Record

Experience is critical when choosing the right hand and wrist surgeon for you. When searching for your treatment options, choose someone with a vast array of experience treating various conditions, such as De Quervain’s Disease, Scaphoid fractures, finger arthritis and wrist arthritis. Inquire about your surgeon’s experience and track record for successful procedures, and even ask for patient testimonials to see if similar procedures have been performed for your condition. 

Ladan Hajipour is an expert in treating many hand and wrist conditions, with positive results for each. She provides, not only successful procedures but also advice and follow-up treatment to ensure your recovery process is going to plan. For a full list of conditions that Ladan Hajipour specialises in, visit our conditions page.

Patient Testimonials and Recommendations

Seeking out a surgeon with great reviews from previous patients, or word of mouth from friends and family can be a good way to build trust with your chosen surgeon. Look for online reviews and patient testimonials to see how well other people recommend their healthcare provider. Testimonials can show your surgeon’s bedside manner, communication skills and overall patient experience, giving you confidence in what can otherwise be a daunting experience. 

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Ladan Hajipour hosts excellent reviews from patients commending their experience, including their surgery, advice and aftercare for conditions such as scapholunate ligament reconstruction and trigger finger surgery. Visit our reviews page to read what our patients say. 

Hospital Affiliation

Having an affiliation with a reputable hospital can be a positive indicator of a surgeon’s expertise and quality of care, due to the hospital’s adherence to strict standards and guidelines. 

As mentioned earlier, Ladan Hajipour’s clinics are spread across Manchester and Cheshire, including the Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle. Most of her time is spent at the adult and paediatric NHS practice based at the University Hospital of South Manchester in Wythenshawe, whilst also teaching regularly on the North West Orthoplastic hand course at the University of Manchester cadaveric course. 

Other important factors to consider when searching for a hand and wrist surgeon are the surgeon’s communication style, accessibility and technological advancements. Effective communication is a crucial component of any surgery, especially during the initial consultation, the procedure and the aftercare. A good surgeon will consider your concerns, help to answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure and ensure you are aware of every step from surgery through to recovery. 

Choosing a surgeon who is placed conveniently to your location can be important for follow-ups, reducing the stress associated with pre-and post-operative care. Consider where the surgeon’s practice is and how easy you can access it.

Finally, there are constant technological advancements within the hand and wrist field. It can be helpful to inquire about the surgeon’s access to the latest technology and whether they embrace contemporary treatments and procedures, allowing you a faster recovery and improved outcomes. 

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When it comes to choosing a hand and wrist surgeon, your decision should be well thought out, with research into the factors we have discussed. Prioritise qualifications and experience, and look at patient testimonials for an honest review of previous people’s experiences. With our hands being so essential to our everyday functions, your surgery must be entrusted to a skilled and compassionate hand and wrist surgeon. 

Choose Ladan Hajipour to help you regain your hand and wrist function, so your life can go on without pain or discomfort. Learn more about Ladan Hajipour, or get in touch to book your consultation with Ladan today. 

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